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inkie Business School

My journey into the world of business wasn’t just a career choice; it was a calling. From setting up my first coffee shop at 20 to navigating the intricate worlds of PR and digital marketing, each step was a blend of passion, learning, and a bit of audacity. Over these 20 years, one truth stood out starkly: the business world can often seem intimidating and complex, especially to the uninitiated.

It was so hard to see many budding entrepreneurs, brimming with potential, being deterred by the misconception that business acumen was an elusive art. Worse still, watching them spend fortunes on services that didn't align with their business's true essence was disheartening. I knew something had to change.

That’s why I founded Inkie Business School. It’s more than a platform; it's a mission to demystify the world of business. My goal is to break down each process into understandable, manageable steps. From branding to strategy, I’ll guide you through not just ‘what’ to do but ‘why’ it matters, ensuring your decisions are informed, your strategies effective, and your brand genuinely resonant.

This school is my commitment to ensuring no one feels lost in the labyrinth of business operations. It’s a promise that, with the right guidance, creating a business that truly reflects your vision is not just possible – it’s an enjoyable and rewarding journey.

And when the day comes that you might need a helping hand, you’ll be equipped to articulate precisely what you need, ensuring outcomes that don’t just meet but exceed your expectations.

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If you would like some more information, just drop me an email or book a call in here. 

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