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Inkie PR Package:
Amplify Your Brand with Precision and Affordability

At Inkie, we understand that every business has unique stories worth telling. That's why our PR package is designed not just to share your news but to strategically amplify your brand to where you want to be. Priced at just £339 per month, we offer an effective alternative to the pricey commitments that others demand.

Overview of Inkie PR Package features, including media outreach and press releases.

Best Value

inkie P.R.



Every month

Boost your brand monthly with targeted press releases and bespoke media outreach

Valid until canceled

Monthly targeted press releases

Custom media outreach strategies

Response handling for incoming inquiries

Guidance for short and long-term brand positioning

What You Get:

  • Initial Strategy Session: We start with an in-depth interview to understand not only what your business is currently doing but also where you envision it heading in the short and long term. This helps us tailor our PR efforts to steer your brand in the desired direction.

  • Monthly Press Releases: Each month, we craft a compelling press release with newsworthy content that highlights your business achievements and initiatives. This release is distributed to our extensive network of media contacts, ensuring your news reaches the right audiences.

  • Responsive Press Opportunities: Beyond scheduled releases, we actively seek out and respond to media inquiries that align with your brand, providing opportunities for both one-off stories and regular contributions to relevant outlets.

  • Bespoke Media Outreach: Our team creates customised press releases in response to current events and media requests. This dynamic approach keeps your business relevant and frequently in the public eye.

Why Choose Inkie?

  • Affordable and Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees, no lengthy commitments. Our monthly rate ensures you can budget effectively without surprises.

  • Tailored to Your Goals: We focus on getting you the media placements that will really move the needle for your brand, whether it's increasing visibility, entering new markets, or positioning you as a thought leader in your industry.

  • Expert Team: Our experienced PR professionals are skilled in turning your business milestones into news hooks that attract media interest and public attention.

Ready to elevate your business with targeted PR? Contact us today to get started with the Inkie PR Package and see how we can make your business the talk of the town.

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