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giving small businesses a mighty presence

Facing These Digital Marketing Challenges?

  1. Struggling to Create Fresh, Engaging Content? Coming up with new ideas that promote and entertain can be exhausting.

  2. Finding it Hard to Keep Up with Social Posts and Newsletters? Posting regularly across various platforms and ensuring your customers are up-to-date takes more time than you have.

  3. Consistently Writing Interesting SEO-Driven Blogs? Keeping your website fresh with new content to boost SEO is a relentless task.

We know how daunting these tasks can be—sometimes, even writing about your own business is challenging, let alone selling what you do! That’s exactly why Inkie exists. We take the stress out of digital marketing. Our solutions are not only effective; they're also affordable, designed from the ground up to meet needs just like yours.

Simplify Your Marketing with Inkie:

  • Complete Content Management: From crafting to posting, we handle your blogs, social media, and newsletters in your voice.

  • Automatic Scheduling: Your posts go live at the perfect moment without you lifting a finger.

  • SEO Boost: We optimise all content for search engines, enhancing your online visibility.

  • Tailored to You: Custom solutions designed to meet your unique business needs and goals.

  • Affordable Excellence: Quality marketing services at a price that makes sense for small businesses.

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Moyra Scott.webp

Moyra, Trustpilot

Really great work, thank you! I felt the enquire form was thorough and the work was fast, appropriate and well structured. I liked that my business had been well researched. And I liked that there was a use and plan for all the content.

Image by Olga Thelavart
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Emily, Trustpilot

Inkie's talent for writing copy is unparalleled. With minimal briefing but clear thorough research, Inkie grasped the essence of ReConnected Life and delivered blogs that were immediately usable. Given the sensitive nature of ReConnected Life's subject matter, Inkie skillfully addressed the challenging topics while maintaining a sense of hope and positivity. The level of insight and sensitivity shown in their work is truly impressive. I wholeheartedly recommend Inkie for any business seeking quality, thoughtful content creation.

Image by Olga Thelavart
Sophie Sheinwald.webp

Sophie, Trustpilot

I love Inkie's enthusiasm and how easy it is to work with them. They sent me the questions and then conducted thorough research. In a very short time, I received highly usable and engaging content. Inkie truly simplifies the content creation process!

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Explore Our Tailored Content Packages

Inkie Content: £229

Kickstart your digital presence with the Inkie Ignite package. Perfect for getting noticed, it includes:

  • 20 Custom Social Captions: Engage your audience with unique, SEO-friendly posts.

  • 4 SEO Blogs (800 words each): Drive traffic with targeted content that speaks directly to your audience's interests and needs.

  • Ideal for small businesses looking to establish a foundational online presence.

Inkie Scheduled: £339

Take your brand to the next level with Inkie Scheduled, designed for comprehensive digital storytelling:

  • 20 Social Captions with Images: Captivate and connect with your audience visually and verbally.

  • 4 Detailed Blogs & 2 Newsletters: Expand your reach and keep your audience informed and engaged.

  • Custom Landing Page: A dedicated page that beautifully represents your brand.

  • Includes full content scheduling for seamless digital marketing.

Inkie PR Package: £339

Enhance your brand's reach with our focused PR service:

  • Strategy Session & Targeted PR Direction: Align our efforts with your business goals.

  • Monthly Press Releases: Regular updates to keep your brand in the media spotlight.

  • Responsive & Bespoke Media Engagement: Active media outreach for consistent brand presence.

Streamlined PR for impactful presence.

Working with inkie is as simple as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Fill out our in-depth online questions. We’ll use your responses to understand your brand, goals, and audience.

  2. We’ll craft your bespoke content, pouring in our expertise and passion.

  3. You'll receive your unique, ready-to-post content. It's time to watch your online presence grow.


If you would like some more information, just drop me an email or book a call in here. 

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Sophie Boulderstone

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