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Inkie Scheduled Package:
Comprehensive Digital Marketing Suite for Full-Scale Engagement

Inkie Scheduled, is designed to comprehensively manage your digital marketing needs. With a holistic approach, this package combines engaging content with strategic scheduling, ensuring your brand not only communicates effectively but also consistently across all platforms. Priced at £339 per month, Inkie Scheduled offers a robust solution for businesses looking to amplify their online presence comprehensively.

Bank of dials to represent Detailed services offered by Inkie Scheduled, including content scheduling and digital marketing.

Best Value

inkie inclusive



Every month

Elevate your presence with Inkie Inclusive's complete package

Valid until canceled

20 social captions, 4 per category, longer format.

20 royalty-free images matching captions.

4 blogs (800 words each), SEO-rich for web/LinkedIn.

2 comprehensive newsletters, linking to blogs/socials.

Dedicated landing page with key features.

Full scheduling service included.

What You Get:

  • Extensive Content and Image Pairing: Receive 20 expertly crafted social media captions each month, complemented by 20 matching royalty-free images, ensuring your posts are both visually appealing and engaging.

  • 4 SEO-Optimised Blogs (800 words each): Boost your SEO efforts with four detailed blogs each month, designed to enhance your visibility online and provide valuable content to your audience.

  • 2 Detailed Newsletters: Connect with your audience through two meticulously prepared newsletters, linking back to your latest blogs and social media content, fostering engagement and consistent communication.

  • Custom-Designed Landing Page: Benefit from a dedicated landing page that highlights the key features of your business, optimised to convert visitors into leads.

  • Complete Scheduling Service: We take care of the entire content scheduling process, ensuring all your marketing material is posted at optimal times for maximum impact.

Why Choose Inkie Scheduled?


  • All-Inclusive Service: From content creation to digital deployment, our package covers every aspect of your online marketing needs, freeing you up to focus on other business priorities.

  • Tailored to Maximise Reach: Each component of the package is designed to work in harmony, ensuring your brand’s message is consistent and powerful across all digital platforms.

  • Strategic Implementation: Our team not only creates content but strategically schedules it to align with your marketing goals, ensuring the best results.


Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level? Contact us today to get started with the Inkie Scheduled package and let us help you maintain a dynamic and compelling online presence.

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