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Access to Work: Empowering Your Business Journey

Access to Work (AtW) is more than just a grant – it's a pathway to unlocking your full potential in the workplace. Whether you have a disability, health, or mental health condition, AtW is designed to support your unique journey into employment, helping you to thrive in your current role or embark on self-employment.  Click here for the Government’s Access to Work information

inkie: Access to Work Package



Covered by the Access to Work grant: for those who find content creation and scheduling overwhelming

Valid until canceled

20 social captions, 4 per category, longer format.

20 royalty-free images matching captions

4 blogs (800 words each), SEO-rich for web/LinkedIn

2 comprehensive newsletters, linking to blogs/socials.

Dedicated landing page with key features

Full scheduling service included


AtW grants are open to individuals over 16, residing and working in England, Scotland, or Wales (Northern Ireland has a separate system). You qualify if you're:

  • About to start a job or a work trial

  • Currently employed (paid) or self-employed

  • Facing challenges in your job due to a disability or health condition

Note: Unfortunately, AtW doesn't cover voluntary work.

What Support Might I Get?

Each Access to Work grant is custom-tailored, with no fixed amount. The support you receive is based on your specific needs and is subject to an annual cap. For example, the cap for grants from 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022 was £62,900.

Support can include:

  • A support worker or job coach in your workplace

  • Services for mental health support during work or absence

  • Adaptations to your work equipment

  • Special equipment necessary for your role

  • Travel costs if public transport isn't an option

  • Disability awareness training for colleagues

  • Communication support for job interviews

  • Assistance with relocating your equipment for job changes

Inkie's Role in Access to Work

Inkie stands as a 'support worker' for clients with Access to Work grants, particularly those facing challenges due to neurodiversity. Our 'Inkie Access to Work Package' offers:

  • 10 hours of dedicated service at £33 per hour

  • Complete creation and scheduling of social posts, blog posts, and newsletters

  • A stress-free approach, allowing you to focus on your core business

This package is covered by the Access to Work grant and is an ideal solution for those who find content creation and scheduling overwhelming.

Let Inkie ease your journey. We're here to help you navigate the intricacies of running your business with ease and confidence.

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